Internal medicine services : Endoscopy

In order to broaden our range of services and increase your satisfaction, our specialist Dr. Avril Hamel-Jolette can perform endoscopies in your establishment.

We understand how a minimally invasive technique meets the needs of pet owners who want to investigate the cause of the symptoms they are concerned about.

Here are the type of cases for which mobile endoscopy are optimal :

Digestive endoscopy (esophagus, stomach, duodenum, ileum and colon)

  • Visual assessment and biopsy
  • Removal of esophageal and gastric foreign bodies
  • Treatment of strictures (dilatation or injection)
  • Installation of percutaneous gastric tube
Service d'endoscopie dans votre établissement

Bronchoscopy (large dog)

  • Bronchoalveolar lavage and cytology of focal lesions

You can expect a bronchoscopy procedure to last between 20-30 minutes and a digestive procedure between 40-80 minutes.

Required material

We will provide the following anesthetic monitoring: PetMAP and ECG. Your veterinary facility must provide the sedation, induction and emergency anesthetic drugs along with the necessary anesthetic equipment (oximeter, fluid pump, endotracheal tubes, etc.) for a gas-maintained procedure. For optimal results, It is best to perform the procedure in a quiet room where it is possible to dim the lights.

How to take advantage of this new service ?

By scheduling an appointment.

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